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The Five Best Vegan Pizzas in Miami

Everyone knows pizza is life (just ask the grateful recipients of Random Acts of Pizza). Despite the fact that it's been around for 127 years, this perfect food never gets old. Whether cold or hot, thick or thin crust, white or red sauce — pizza is the definition of deliciousness. 

And the glorious, cheesy world of pizza pies isn't just for omnivores. Thanks to major advances in vegan-cheese technology, there's no need for herbivorous eaters to miss out on the most magnificent food in the universe. Lots of spots offer vegan pizza these days — even in Miami. 

So here are five best places to get fabulous vegan pies in the 305: 
5. Ironside Pizza
As far as atmosphere, Ironside wins. The eatery's breezy, warmly lit patio is probably the best place to eat a pie in all of the Magic City. This authentic, wood-fired pizzeria can add vegan cheese to any of its creations, so you can pick and choose from the likes of the Funghi, topped with porcini mushrooms, tomatoes, black olives, and oregano; the classic Margherita, with tomato and fresh basil; and several other hand-tossed creations. (Pizzas start at $11.)
4. Pieology
Newly opened, this DIY outpost gives you every accoutrement you need, including vegan cheese, to create the perfect pie — and all at a killer price. The first Florida location of this growing chain, Pielogy makes veganizing easy: Select the gluten-free crust and then choose from five vegan sauces (Frank's Red Hot, anyone?) and 19 vegan toppings, including roasted red peppers, jalapeños, and fresh basil. Pizzas cost $8.65 each, and Pieology is located at 10141 W. Flagler St. in Fontainebleau.
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