Thanksgiving Cranberry Sauce Recipe: Copperpots Uses Champagne and Mandarins

Maroon and jiggly, canned cranberry sauce is an abomination to cooks everywhere. Not even the bird wants to be on the same table as that stuff. You owe it to yourself and the lives of those around you to divert from the ever-easy alternative of Ocean Spray cranberry sauce.

Let's make like Subway and go fresh this time, eh?

Jelly and jam expert Vanessa Safie from Copperpots passed along her recipe for a fine cranberry accompaniment (or, as we called it in conversation: Killer Kranberry Sawwse).

The process is so easy, it's stupid. And when you're finished, Safie says, "It'll make you forget the canned stuff even exists!"

Challenge accepted!


4 cups cleaned, firm cranberries

2 clementine oranges (or similar)

1 cup sugar

1 cup champagne

That looks infinitely better than Ocean Spray.
That looks infinitely better than Ocean Spray.
Courtesy of Copperpots


- Slice oranges and combine all ingredients in a heavy sauce pot.

- Place on med-high heat, stirring regularly.

- Reduce (in other words, allow the liquids to thicken)

- Serve, enjoy, throw away your apocalypse-ready stock pile of Ocean Spray cans.

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