Ten Songs About Beer, Our Favorite Drink

Beer: It isn't just for karaoke anymore.
Beer: It isn't just for karaoke anymore.

Beer. It's been the go-to beverage for getting a buzz since the ancient Egyptian pharaohs had their first kegger at the paws of the Sphinx.

Since Oktoberfest is upon us, we figured we'd put together a collection of our favorite drinking songs. Some are classics, some are weird, but all have one thing in common. They pay homage to that greatest of drinks -- beer.

10. The Beer Song
The classic beer song gets harder as you get drunker. Sing this in the shower, at work, at the bar, or anywhere, but not when you're stopped for a broken taillight. Trust us on this one.

9. Hey You, Beer Me (The Simpsons)
When Lionel Ritchie and Homer Simpson find a common love (beer) chemistry ensues.

8. Pawtucket Pat's Beer Song

(Family Guy)
When Peter Griffin is a finalist to win a trip to Pawtuckey Pat's Brewery, he's like a kid in a candy shop...literally. Because the only thing better than Wonkaland is Beerville.

7. Nine Coronas

With lyrics like "She looked like Pee Wee Herman / but she looked like Uma Thurman after nine coronas," you've got the theme song for beer-goggle sex. By the way, this song sounds really lousy the morning after.

6. Oktoberfest Song

OK, this is a horrible song, but the video is just a bunch of hot girls in dirndls, so what the hell else do you want?

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