Ten Best Restaurants in North Miami

Phuket -- head north.
Phuket -- head north.
Photo by Carina Ost

North Miami may be the place you buy a car, do your Costco shopping, or hit up Yogurtland, but it's probably not the area you initially think of for dining outside cookie-cutter chain restaurants. You're missing out, though, because this suburban city to the north is packed with hidden gems.

What follows are the top ten restaurants you most likely missed while cruising Biscayne Boulevard or 123rd Street and surrounding areas.

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This takes the slice.
This takes the slice.
Photo by Aran S. Graham

10. Steve's Pizza

Steve's has some sweet sauce. Depending upon your preference, that's either a positive or a negative. However, this neighborhood joint has been tossing and slicing since the '70s, and it's a standout in the area. The graffiti-covered walls and classic arcade games are reminiscent of teenage years when all you cared about was pizza and stressing out if the grease would give you pimples. Pizza face or not, this pizza is worth it.

Le Fig.
Le Fig.
Photo by Alex Rodriguez

9. Cane a Sucre

When the lunch hour rolls around and you don't know what you want, most likely visions of sandwiches, soups, and salads circle your mind. Cane a Sucre carries them all, and they are expertly prepared and well priced. Le Fig, with Gorgonzola cheese, fig confit, fresh oregano, walnuts, and a drizzle of honey on warm baguette is a sandwich standout. You get creamy, fruity, and savory stuffed into a fresh baguette, and it it is spectacular.

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