Ten Best Nutella Dishes in Miami

Ten Best Nutella Dishes in Miami
Photo by Cassie Glenn

Nutella turns 50 this year, and we couldn't let the occasion pass without some fanfare. Whether slathered on a hot crepe from a cart on the sidewalks of France or scooped straight from the jar with your finger, this hazelnut spread of the gods deserves our utmost appreciation.

New York City is celebrating in a big way. In May, pastry master Dominque Ansel doled out 2,000 Nutella-filled cronut holes and had fans waiting in a line 200 people deep. Even better, a bar devoted entirely to Nutella recently opened inside Italian food hall Eataly.

Though Miami hasn't gone that far, we recently reported the happy news that a Nutella food truck is headed our way in August. To satisfy your cravings during the wait, plenty of restaurants are using Nutella in a variety of ways, whether it's breakfast, lunch, dinner, or snack time. After the jump, check out Miami's ten best (and most unique) Nutella dishes.

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Ten Best Nutella Dishes in Miami
Love is Blind

10. Nutella pizza from Love Is Blind

Love may be blind, but you'll want to open your eyes and engage all senses when feasting on this dessert. You'll encounter soft dough baked lightly golden and smeared with delicious Nutella, topped with powdered sugar, fresh strawberries, and bananas. Nutella pizza is on the menu at many Miami restaurants, but the romantic ambiance of this spot makes it the perfect way to cap off a meal with the one you love.

Ten Best Nutella Dishes in Miami
Courtesy Swine Southern Table & Bar

9. Nutella waffles from Swine Southern Table & Bar

When the brunch bell rings, Swine is a good bet. The restaurant's pulled pork and eggs, decadent burger and fries, or shrimp 'n' grits can hit the spot on any weekend, for something sweet, try the Double Chocolate Big Ol' Sweet Waffle, made with bananas, Nutella, fresh whipped cream, and bourbon-maple syrup.

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