Ten Best Miami Brunches

Ten Best Miami Brunches

The debate over whether the best meal of the day is lunch or breakfast has been going on for millennia. Intense battles have broken out over the issue. But one day, a peaceful being came up with a compromise for the rivaling sides. The settlement was "brunch," a perfect middleman between the morning pleasures of bacon and waffles, and the afternoon delights of a steak sandwich au jus.

Brunch is for the man who cannot decide whether he prefers pancakes or a porterhouse on his plate.

Basically, it's the best solution ever, and Miami has some fabulous options.

Ten Best Miami Brunches

10. Mercadito
A group of friends can enjoy a full brunch spread, including cocktails, for $30 a person. Everyone can drink as they please for an hour and a half. The brunch menu consists of Mexican-inspired regulars such as chilaquiles, enchiladas, huevos rancheros, all kinds of taco varieties, ceviches, and freshly prepared guacamole. It's the bento box of Miami brunches -- everything you want in a perfect little package.

Ten Best Miami Brunches
Bill Wisser

9. Morgans
The outdoor terrace is half the reason we frequent Morgans. The other half is the brunch menu. It's all the regular stuff you can expect for brunch -- eggs ($10), sandwiches (about $12), waffles ($8), and the like. But well-executed simplicity can be better than something adventurous. We prefer to end every visit with the daily bread pudding ($10). And for the record, yes, you should ask why they call it the voluptuous grilled cheese ($12), because we're not spoiling it.

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