Ten Best Hidden Gems in South Beach

Taste this magic under the mango tree.
Taste this magic under the mango tree.
Photo by Carina Ost

South Beach is showy, but beyond the bars and restaurants in the spotlight are some places that require a search. Because the Beach is about to celebrate its centennial, it's time to highlight those special eateries off the beaten path.

These are places for locals only, spots in back alleys with no signage, and even a special locale with a porta-potty portal.

Here are our top ten picks for the best hidden spots to eat and drink in South Beach.

Turkey on a roll.
Turkey on a roll.
Carina Ost

10. Ocean Deli

Everyone knows and loves La Sandwicherie, but there's a certain mystique surrounding a proper liquor-store deli. Grab a forty (or forty ounces of freedom) and a sub on Liberty Street. Ocean Deli has the bonus of one of the best lunch specials on the Beach. You can get a takeout box filled to the brim with roast pork, plantains, and pasta for $5 flat.

Locked and loaded
Locked and loaded
Miami New Times

9. Foxhole Bar

A back alley and a red light set the tone for this supersecret location. Even the name hints at its concealment. Though this place is a hot spot among Flamingo residents and industry folk, weapons hang on the wall in case too many invade. This local favorite hangout proves that a dive bar doesn't have to be a hole -- it can be foxy, even classy with bottle service.

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