Ten Best Dining Counters in Miami

Ain't no counter long enough.
Ain't no counter long enough.
Courtesy of Leah Gabriel

We all know the appeal of your designated stool at a bar where everybody knows your name, but the enjoyment of the perfect counter is often overlooked. When you get spectacular food coupled with a peek into the kitchen, a chat with the chef, and so much more beyond a typical dining experience, it is truly magical.

When you don't want to be isolated at a table or are dining solo, counters and bars are a saving grace. Some counters are just for standing, others offer free bites, and some come with sage chefs.

Here we count down the ten best counters in Miami to get your food on.

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The dudes behind the counter.
The dudes behind the counter.

10. Blackbrick

If you were ever told that you don't want to see the kitchen of your favorite Chinese restaurant, at Blackbrick you most certainly do. Richard Hales and his 63-year-old chef from Hong Kong, Ivan, work their magic with farm-fresh produce hitting the sizzling wok. If you sit at the counter in the back, you can watch them dazzle while they watch you enjoying their creations. It is a healthy give-and-take relationship with the blurred lines of the counter.

Stick to the oyster bar.
Stick to the oyster bar.
Voice Places

9. The River Seafood and Oyster Bar

Leave it to the River to carry the ocean's treasures. Take a seat at the oyster bar and expect to be wowed. If you want to get into a better mood, head there for happy hour, grab a dozen, and slide those babies down your gullet. A seat at this special counter reminds you that when life hands you oysters, shuck it! (That pearl of wisdom is a freebie.)

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