Ten Best $5 Lunches in Miami

Is it me or does that chicken look like John Lennon?
Is it me or does that chicken look like John Lennon?
Photo by Kareem Shaker

After previously covering Top Ten Lunch Specials in Miami for Under $10 and Best Food Items in Miami for $1 it was time to find some middle ground with that midday meal. A $5 lunch should leave you just full enough and with the sweet satisfaction that you got a good deal.

The following meals don't skimp with hot dogs, burgers, sandwiches, falafels ,and soup dumplings all included. We have touched on many areas and cuisines of Miami, so you can freely explore without breaking the budget in the lunch hour and beyond.

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Beyond PB & J
Beyond PB & J
Carina Ost

10. Blocks Pizza Deli

Remember as a kid when you were lucky to get a peanut butter and jelly on wheat bread with the crust cut off in your brown bag lunch? OK, picture that and then take it up several notches with a low price tag. Blocks takes a pocket and stuffs it with banana and strawberry slices and Nutella AKA mother's milk with a combination of chocolate and hazelnut. Is it dessert? A snack? A pita? Lunch? Who cares it has Nutella and is always available with all three ingredients for $4 -- unlike their actual lunch specials that range from $6.25 - $9.95

Imagine this in a pita
Imagine this in a pita
Oriental Grocery Store & Bakery

9. Oriental Bakery and Grocery Co.

At this grocery store and eatery there are few tables so wander the aisles for goodies and then make your way to the counter. The falafel sandwich ($4.50) comes with tahini, cucumbers and tomato wrapped in the most pillow-soft just-made pita bread. It is a great option if you are somewhere between Brickell and Coral Gables with nothing but $5.

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