Suggested Restaurant Mottos: Tap Tap, Scorpion Mexican Bar, AltaMare & More

Nothing helps a restaurant (or food festival) more than having a good motto. Except maybe having good food. Or service, or a few other things. Yet while we at Short Order aren't about to cook or wait tables for you, we're only too happy to provide a few clever slogans to help business along. You can thank us later.

JB Kitchen & Bar:
Same lousy restaurant as before, but with a brand new name!

Only three years behind the contemporary steak house craze!

The South Beach Wine & Food Festival:

Just like watching The Food Network, but in 3D!

Tap Tap:
A cool place to dine even when there isn't a disaster in Haiti!

Scorpion Mexican Bar

Just like dining in Mexico, but without the murderous drug wars!


We moved next door, hired a new chef, and added a lettter to our moniker -- just to confuse you!

BK Whopper Bar:
Only two years behind the upscale hamburger craze!

Our food is dee-lish! Or at least that's what our co-owner

Ricky Williams says, although  come to think of it he had teeny red

eyes and was giggling when he said it.


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