SoBeWFF: "Nice Buns Here, and the Burgers Are Good Too"

Lee Schrager with Debi Mazar at the Swine & Wine event at the Biltmore Hotel.
Lee Schrager with Debi Mazar at the Swine & Wine event at the Biltmore Hotel.
Photo by Marguerite Gil

Al Roker, weather guy on NBC's Today Show, was munching on a juicy hamburger while some models in swimwear were showing off their tiny bathing suits. "We've got some really nice buns around here, and the burgers are good too."

Jill Martin, also of the Today Show, was at the beach preparing for a competition. Although Martin hasn't eaten meat for the last three months she was chosen as a judge for the Burger Bash and told the chefs preparing the burgers, "I take bribes."

Rachael Ray, who always seems to be multi-tasking even when she's standing still said, "If you go into the food industry, you'll always be employed because...people need to eat!"

When chef Scott Conant was asked about how he felt at having to prepare food for 2,000 hungry people said, "It's all about organization and whatever you do, don't over cook the meat." Then he looked around and added, "I got off of the plane, looked around at the sea and sun and said to myself, I don't spend enough time here. I've got to re-work my contract."

At the Swine & Wine event at the Biltmore Hotel, power couple Debi Mazar and Gabriele Corcos, co-hosts of the afternoon feast, both had thoughts to share with guests. Debi said, "I love coming to Miami. I'm a Cuban wannabe at heart. I love the humidity. It makes my skin so lovely." Gabriele said, "She may wear the pants in the family and I'm alright with that, as long as I get to take my pants off."

Paula Deen was her usual adorable self and when asked how she felt about all of the controversy concerning her diabetes, she smilingly said, "God Bless all of ya who have supported me over the years" which in this writers mind translates as: screw the rest of you.

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