Sneak Review: The Forge Restaurant/Wine Bar

The instant signature lobster PJ & J.
The instant signature lobster PJ & J.
Jacquelynn Powers

A stand-alone bite of next week's Cafe review:

Lobster peanut butter & jelly sandwich jolted to signature status right from the start; no doubt curiosity plays a role in so many diners ordering it (that was my impetus). Four triangular sandwich quarters of toasted, crust-less brioche are filled with pieces of poached lobster between a thin veneer of sweet, caramelized onion marmalade and a fairly thick spread of coarsely ground, chili-spiced peanut butter. If this works at all, it would be as a stand-alone bite to down with a drink, but for my money it does not work at all (and that money, incidentally, is $17); peanut butter obliterates the delicate crustacean. Dewey LoSasso is a chef who rarely errs on the side of too little flavor.

The Forge Restaurant/Wine Bar
432 41st St., Miami Beach

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The Forge

432 W. 41st St.
Miami Beach, FL 33140


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