Sneak Review: Mr. Yum Asian Cuisine

A teeny sneak preview of the New Times restaurant review for next week -- Mr. Yum Asian Cuisine on Calle Ocho.

Pad Thai, the dish that launched a million lovers of this cuisine, validates its' popularity via a flawlessly balanced tangle of flat rice noodles, tender chicken, scallions, sprouts, ground peanuts, and scrambled egg -- not too soupy, not too dry. Mellow Masaman curry featured slivers of beef in a golden sauce flecked with coconut milk sweetness and stocked with cashews and potatoes (that were barely cooked through); a ripe fan of avocado cooled the top. Red curry also comes imbued with coconut milk, but with a bell pepper-bamboo shoot-basil leaf presence. You can't go wrong with either.

945 SW 8th St., Miami; 786-360-2371.


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