Smoky Pablo: Highlight of dinner.
Smoky Pablo: Highlight of dinner.
Lee Klein

Sneak Review: Mercadito

A sneak peak at next week's Cafe review of Mercadito Margarito:

...Margaritas are spiked with unexpected additions such as mango, chile morita, a blueberry float...and that's just in one concoction, the delectable Smoky Pablo. The bar drinks are great.

It wouldn't have surprised me to see those same ingredients in one of the guacamole; there seems to be a let's-see-how-this-flies philosophy behind many of the flavor combinations here. We skipped a trippy tomatillo-and-habanero guac flecked with apples and almonds, and likewise shunned one wired with mango, jícama, and chipotle...We did not, however, escape our avocado experience unscathed by regrettable concept -- specifically, guacamole with mole poblano sauce glazed over it like chocolate syrup on ice cream.

Mercadito Miami
3252 N.E. 1st Ave, Miami


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