Sneak Review: Haven Gastro-Lounge

This week we review Haven, a South Beach gem. Here's a quick sneak peek:

Like the ambiance, the cuisine pulsates too. Haven flashes a bright young chef in Todd Erickson, whose gastronomic smarts are what make this more than just a kick-ass 21st-century psychedelic lounge. Erickson was formerly sous chef at Zuma, and before that had been named "Best Chef Under 27" by our sister paper, the Dallas Observer (he is now 31). Erickson's menu of globally inspired small plates satisfies via innovative, delicately crafted flavor pairings (molecular fireworks are reserved for drinks and desserts). There are six categories of what might be called haute bar snacks: Crudo ($4 to $14); Green ($8 to $10); Roll ($9 to $12); Crisp ($7 to $12); Skewer ($8 to $10); and Slider ($7 to $11).

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