Sneak Review: 660 at the Angler's

A glass of big, smoky 2007 Petite Petit Lodi ($8) melded well with pork belly and would probably pair with any dish containing bacon. So would anything selected from an alluring, user-friendly craft-beer list that includes brief taste characterizations of each brew. For instance, one of the imports is referred to as a "slightly dry" "American adjunct lager" with "notes of corn, mild malt, and citrus." 

Admit it: That's the coolest description of Corona beer you've ever heard.

Less common brews include Affligem Tripel from Belgium (with "notes of candy and banana"); Ayinger Bräu-Weisse from Germany; and Florida's Holy Mackerel Golden Ale. (Corona goes for $5, and the hipper labels range from $7 to $9.)

660 at the Angler's
The Angler's Boutique Resort 
660 Washington Ave., Miami Beach


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