Evidently, it does!
Evidently, it does!

Short Order's Most Popular Stories of 2012

According to the data we pulled on your favorite things to read in 2012, the only proper way to describe you would be like this:

A cupcake-eating, burger-hankering, breakfast-cooking, Taco Bell-drive-thru-ing, Bourdain-Tweeting, date-romancing, french fry-licking, late-night-eating, macaroni and cheese-making, vegan-living, Miami Spice-going, barbecue-ribbin', cheap-eating, sushi-catching individual who would do anything for a taco.

In other words, you're awesome (and that description should totally go on your dating profile).

We tallied up the pageviews for these blogs, and the numbers tell us you liked reading these the best.

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