Short Order Giveaway - $15 Off at La Esquina del Lechon Pork and Steak House

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Chops, ribs, asado, or baked.
A sandwich, tortilla, or layed on a plate.
Holler lechon! And do what you do,
here's 15 bucks off from Short Order to you.
(when you spend 50)

That's right folks, Short Order is here to deliver a digital handoff in savings for all you carnivores.

La Esquina del Lechon calls itself a "Pork and Steak House." Never having been there, Short Order can only refer you to other people's thoughts on the joint ( yelp ) ( urbanspoon ) ( likeme ).

We also accessed their Florida Department of Business & Professional Regulations restaurant inspection records ( click ), and their corporate identity records ( click ).

Their excellent website (clean layout, fast load, easy navigation, nice use of images and well executed photo gallery) is online at .

Print out the full size version of the above coupon for $15 off any purchase over $50.

You're welcome.

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