Scrambled Eggs: French Versus American

French-style scrambled eggs.
French-style scrambled eggs.
Photo by Jacquelynn D. Powers

In America, we tend to overcook our eggs into large curds, which are, more often than not, dry and hard. On a recent sojourn to Paris, Short Order had the opportunity to try French-style scrambled eggs. The overseas version makes American scrambled eggs seem like the Sahara. In fact, Frenchies slow-cook their oeufs into a custard-like consistency that is both luscious and tasty. 

The French methodology involves simmering the eggs over a low temperature for a long time. If you use a double boiler, all the better. These coddled eggs are so silky you can eat them with a spoon. And while they are perfect served au naturel, they become even more decadent with the addition of freshly shaved truffles or caviar. 

How do you like your scrambled eggs?

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