Saturday Dream Date at Eos & More For Sale

Saturday Dream Date at Eos & More For Sale

This damn flu going around is really taking a toll on my social life. Friday I had plans to take my date to check out the new Urbanite Bistro and Saturday I booked a whole day of downtown romance (more on that later) but then I had to cancel both because of his sneezing and wheezing. Ugh!

Thankfully he hasn't yet contracted that piggy thing (I could make a joke about him not keeping kosher and therefore being susceptible, but you've probably already heard that one), yet I wasn't taking any chances. Since we're booked for through year's end, I've decided to auction off my Saturday wallet-friendly date idea to someone who can actually smooch someone special. Sigh.

Of course, you'll need to inform your lover that he or she needs to pack a bathing suit, a comfortable outfit for lounging, and a nice getup for a late-night treat. Here's what you do from there:

Saturday Dream Date at Eos & More For Sale

2:15 p.m. Check in at the Spa at Icon Brickell's desk, confirming your reservation for a couple's massage. [You were smart to book this now because, during the month of November, all services are 30% off per person or 40% off if you bring a friend along.]

2:30 p.m. Put your sundries in a locker and head out to the 300-foot pool for some drinky-poos, a dip in the cool water, and some serious suntan oil slathering.

5 p.m. Rinse off and head to the locker rooms for a bathrobe.

5:30 p.m. Enjoy your mutual rubdowns, then follow the experience up with a trip to the floating library, sauna and jacuzzi. They're all included in the price of your treatment, after all.

Saturday Dream Date at Eos & More For Sale

7 p.m. Jump into your loungewear and grab a seat in the Icon's 30-seat movie theater to enjoy a movie, starting at 7:30 p.m. Last I heard, The Princess Bride is on the 14th, When Harry Met Sally is on the 21st, and It's A Wonderful Life will be shown on the 28th. Admission is only $12 and includes a gourmet cupcake, popcorn, and other snacks. Champagne is also available, if you're really trying to score points.

9:30 p.m. Head upstairs in the Viceroy for cocktails and dinner at Eos, and try Michelin-star Chef Michael Psilakis' amazing Mediterranean eats. Gotta love his signature acidic spike, especially in dishes like the Greek paella.

11 p.m. Finish the night off with a Florodora or two (raspberries, Tanqueray No. Ten, lime juice, and ginger ale) at Club 50.

As for what happens after midnight, that's all you. I can't charge for that kinda stuff.


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