Revisit China Grill For Date Night

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It may seem hard to believe now but there once was a time when cars had fins, when telephones had rotors and when China Grill was the hippest restaurant in South Beach.

That was then, a real long time ago then. But even though it's no longer the hippest restaurant in South Beach (or Peoria, for that matter), it's still a celebrity magnet that captures the essential South Beach-iness that everybody loves to sneer at (but goes there anyway).

So for this Date Night, why not go a little retro? Get out your white shoes, roll up the sleeves on your pastel jacket and put away the razor for a couple of days. Have your honey pouf up her hair and put on skirt cut way up to here, then fire up the Testarossa and go check out the Grill's new (and a lot more affordable) prix fixe dinner menu.

For $36 per person you get three courses, plus choice of one of two accompaniments, all served family style, the way the Grill has always done it. Apps include California roll, calamari salad, and spicy beef and scallion dumpings. Among the entrees are barbecued salmon, sake-marinated "drunken" chicken and char sui baby back ribs. Dessert is whatever the chef has in mind for the evening.

Oh, and when you check in, tell 'em Sonny Crockett sent you.

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