Raspberry Mist Spa Water Recipe

A different way to drink your fruit
A different way to drink your fruit

​Hopefully our Spa Water blog from Friday encouraged you to down gallons of fruit-infused water this weekend. We tried a cucumber-basil-pineapple concoction that was quite good, but this Raspberry Mist recipe from the Tamaya Mist Salon & Spa in New Mexico sounds (and looks) even better.

Yes, these recipes sound like simple no-brainers, but having the fruit-to-water ratios right is a luxury.

Raspberry Mist

3 cartons raspberries
4 limes, thinly sliced
4 cups ice water

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Directions: Layer your beverage pitcher with lime slices and raspberries. Add ice. Repeat until the server is full. Pour water over the ice and fruit.

Note: Frozen raspberries make a better drink, as the flavor is intense, but if you are using a beverage server do not use frozen berries as they tend to break up and clog the spigot.

Add fresh raspberries in your glass for garnish.

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