Publix Headquarters in Lakeland Protested for Farm Workers' Rights

Protesters in front of a West Miami Publix on November 8.
Protesters in front of a West Miami Publix on November 8.
Jacob Katel

This past Sunday, more than 500 voices rang out strong in Lakeland at Publix headquarters. Students, farm workers, religious leaders, and concerned citizens came together to protest the supermarket company. It has refused to align itself with the Coalition of Immokalee Workers (CIW) in protecting against human rights abuses and ensuring a living wage for the folks picking the tomatoes that the supermarket chain sells.

The CIW has already reached agreements with Taco Bell, Burger King, Whole Foods, McDonald's, and other major corporations in its fight against the agro-industrial complex's stranglehold on laborers.

The protest was part of a series at Publix supermarkets across the state of Florida. The image above comes from a November 8 demonstration near a West Miami Publix.

For a full recap, including photos and pro-CIW editorials from other Florida news outlets, visit

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