Skippy vs. Jif
Skippy vs. Jif
John Zur

Plato Royale: Peanut Butter, Jif vs. Skippy

In honor of Sticky Peanut Butter Month, let us take a look at two of America's favorite creamy peanut butters side-by-side: Jif and Skippy.


Pros: Jif is very smooth, fluffy, and airy, which allows it to spread easily when making sandwiches.

Cons: "Choosy moms choose Jif" or "Choice of choosy moms." Sorry, but what's sexy about those slogans?


Pros: Thick consistency. A little more dense than Jif (could be a con, depending upon your preference). Better, stronger, more nutty flavor than Jif. "Fuel the Fun" slogan is way better than anything about choosy moms.

Cons: It plays in your mouth a little longer than Jif. Saltier than Jif.

Verdict: While they are nearly identical physically, by taste, and in nutrition facts, one number stood out. The expiration date. OIbn the jars that we bought from a not to be named south of Flagler street grocery store, Skippy expired in 2011, while Jif was good until 2012; this would seem to mean it has more preservatives. Skippy is the winner based on the fact that is has a cooler slogan and won't outlive Twinkies.


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