Our turn!
Our turn!

Peter Boulukos: "The Best Thing I Ever Ate"

Peter Boulukos, chef/owner of YOLO Restaurant and Tarpon Bend restaurants

The best fried food I ever had wasn't from a restaurant. When I was a kid my uncle owned a marina that was about 10 minutes from our house. One night he showed up after work with a bucket overflowing with fresh flounder. My aunt filled the sink with water and dumped the fish in; I remember watching them swim around in that sink. My aunt cleaned them, filleted them, breaded them and fried them right there. Super fresh, crispy, delicious; served with fresh lemon. Nothing's ever come close to that.

I am not a huge BBQ fan but when Tom Jenkins was located in Boca Raton on the corner of Dixie and Glades it was phenomenal. I remember eating there and thinking "this is what all the fuss is about" from BBQ fanatics.


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