Peter Bjorn and John Partners Up With Ms. Cheezious For Free Food Giveaway in Coconut Grove

Peter Bjorn and John wants to feed you, Miami.
Peter Bjorn and John wants to feed you, Miami.

If you don't already know about Peter Bjorn and John, pop over to our music blog, Crossfade, to learn a little more about the Swedish indie rock outfit. Music editor Sean Pajot gives us his recommendation of food pairings with PB+J songs.

But why write about a band in a food blog? Well, as part of their All You Can Eat Tour, Peter Bjorn and John is paring up with a food truck in every city. And today they are in Miami!

It's just been announced that the band, along with Ms. Cheezious, will be giving away free sandwiches at the Mayfair Shops in Coconut Grove. The giveaway starts at 3 p.m. Eater Miami has the full details.

Update: Ms. Cheezious' Twitter says they will only be giving away 30 sandwiches, which isn't exactly the free food bonanza this was made out to be. Also, no word on whether or not Peter Bjorn and John will actually be present.

After the jump, a soundtrack for your free meal.

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