Cheerio, Slade Morrison!
Cheerio, Slade Morrison!

Peeny Butter Fudge: Bilingual Nobel Prize-Winner Free With Cheerios

Toni Morrison's Song of Solomon was maybe the best American novel of the past half-century. The daughter of a shipyard builder, Morrison won the Nobel Prize for Literature a few years ago based largely upon the amazing quality of that one book, her best.

So I was kinda surprised to see her name on a book that came free inside my Cheerios box this morning. She wrote Peeny Butter Fudge, which is selling on Amazon for $15. Told in poetry, it is the story of a great-grandmother. Morrison's son Slade helped co-write it.

I'm a fan of nothing. A curmudgeon. But this story melted my heart. Really, anything having to do with Toni Morrison makes me feel that way. And this one has a particular Miami flair. Parts of it were translated to Spanish by a guy named Joe Cepeda, who also illustrated the book.

So what the hell. Go buy some Cheerios.

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