Pastelitos 101: Cuban "Capuchino" From La Gran Via Bakery

Pastelitos 101: Cuban "Capuchino" From La Gran Via Bakery
Jacob Katel

Welcome to Pastelitos 101, a noob's eye view on Latin American pastries.

This morning we visited La Gran Via Bakery, a 24-hour joint on Calle Ocho in Little Havana.

Inside the bakery display shelf, among various frosted, drizzled, and flaky crusted items, some burnt-end yellow cones caught our eye.

They are called "Capuchinos," and according to the cookbook-famous Three Guys From Miami, they are a Cuban bakery staple.

We asked the girl at the counter how they got their name and she said because they taste like cappuccino coffee. Lying lies and the liars who tell them. Ours tasted like sponge cake dipped in watery syrup.

At a little over a buck in cost and two or three bites worth of food, the novelty was worth more than the flavor, which was sweet if uninspired. Somehow we doubt these are the best in the county. Where does your favorite Capuchino come from? Leave us your tips in the comments section.

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