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Panther Coffee Launches App: Never Wait in Line Again

When Joel and Leticia Pollock first wheeled their coffee around on a bicycle at local food truck roundups, Miamians weren't quite aware that this couple would change the way we enjoy our java.

Six years later, Panther Coffee has locations in Wynwood, Miami Beach, and Coconut Grove, and more are on the way. The coffee has even been spotted in the Cayman Islands and New Orleans.

The only drawback to enjoying Panther's popular coffee, made with beans carefully sourced and custom-roasted, is standing in long lines to order it. If you want your caffeine fix without the wait, there's an app for that.

Panther Coffee, in partnership with the Miami-based SpeedETab, has just launched its very own app. It allows you to order ahead at the Panther location of your choice. It even saves your custom orders and tracks your coffee as it's made. All you have to do is pick it up when it's ready.

SpeedETab's Adam Garfield says the app launched over the weekend and is now available for free download on the Apple App Store. He explains that his company's relationship with Panther began by making its coffees available to order on SpeedETab, but they quickly realized that Panther needed its own customer platform. "Panther has a tremendous amount of loyal followers," Garfield says. "It's a destination coffee shop for both locals and people who visit our city."

After downloading the Panther app, customers can either log in with Facebook or create an account. Payment via credit card can be stored, or the app can find and use an Apple Pay account.

Users will be able to order anything that Panther offers, including custom drinks. The app will even store your favorite orders, Garfield says. "If I like an extra-hot latte with almond milk and chocolate syrup every day, the app can remember that."

Once you order your drinks, the app will let you know your order has been submitted and will update you when it's ready. Best of all: By ordering through the app, you skip the line. "Your order goes right to the cashier and gets made immediately."

Garfield says customers can still order Panther Coffee through SpeedETab, but the new app is an option for true Panther devotees to interact in a more one-on-one way. "Some users like interacting with strictly one brand."

Panther isn't the only Miami company to get its own app, Garfield says. "There will be many more to come in South Florida, including a Crazy Poke app." But Miami's favorite coffee shop is the vanguard. "Panther is leading the way. It's a brand that's very well respected, and we take great pride in having a relationship with it."
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