O Cinema This Weekend: Sleepwalk Over to the Concession Stand

Sleepwalk With Me
Sleepwalk With Me
IFC Films

Since nothing says late-night treats like fresh, popcorn and homemade baked goods, O Cinema is the perfect spot to screen this weekend's showing of "Sleepwalk with Me" ($10.50), by indie comic Mike Birbiglia, co-produced by This American Life's Ira Glass.

The independent cinema's traditional-meets-alternative concessions counter has all the treats needed to create a dreamlike experience while you watch the aspiring stand-up comic fail to express his true feelings about his girlfriend and stalled career as his anxiety manifests itself in increasingly funny and dangerous sleepwalking incidents.

O Cinema This Weekend: Sleepwalk Over to the Concession Stand
Somebody's Mother's Potato Chip Cookie and Kitchen Sink Cookie

Exclusive to O Cinema are Somebody's Mother's baked goods ($2.50). They are prepared weekly by a well known local visual artist who chose anonymity over New Times fame -- available only to close friends and the artist's extended family at O Cinema. The exact delivery of the goods is always a surprise to O Cinema, as the theatre doesn't make any special requests, but since they are delivered on Thursdays, we got the inside scoop on the Somebody's Mother's baked goodies that will be on sale this week at O: Potato Chip Cookies which are essentially butter cookies with pecans and potato chips mixed in--the ultimate sweet and salty combo. Also on sale are the baker's famous Kitchen Sink Cookies made with two types of chocolate chips, cherries, oats and pecans.

Co-founder/co-directors Kareem Tabsch and Vivian Marthell
Co-founder/co-directors Kareem Tabsch and Vivian Marthell
O Cinema Concessions

O Cinema's concession stand concept is a nod to movie theatres of the past with a modern twist. The counter offers classic Dr. Brown's BlackCherry Cola and beer + wine ($4 to $5); and movie theatre staples like fresh popped popcorn are revamped with simple homemade toppings like Indian Curry (garam masala and turmeric), Mexican Chili (chili powder, and salt) and for the sweet-tooths, a powdered sugar and cinnamon topping.

The icing on the cake of this cutting edge cinema is O Cinema's philosophy that prices should be accessible for the broadest possible audience. "We believe that a night out to the movies shouldn't break the bank" says Kareem Tabsch, co-founder/co-director at O Cinema "our affordable concession concept is part of what makes that philosophy possible".

Sleepwalk with Me is playing at O Cinema Friday, Saturday and Sunday and features Lauren Ambrose (Six Feet Under), Carol Kane (Taxi), James Rebhorn (Meet the Parents), Cristin Milioti (star of Broadway's Once), plus comedians Marc Maron, Kristen Schaal, Wyatt Cenac, Jesse Klein, Henry Phillips and David Wain. Check online for tickets and movie times.

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