New Times Kobe Beef Exposé Wins Sunshine State Award

New Times Kobe Beef Exposé Wins Sunshine State Award
Courtesy of Newscom

Last year, freelance writer and Short Order contributor Jackie Sayet wrote a piece on the confusing and often overlooked labeling of Kobe beef in Miami restaurants. When we caught several local restaurants selling American Wagyu as Kobe, the effect was felt immediately as several eateries changed their menus to clear up the mislabeling.

Well today we found out that Sayet was awarded the first place for the Sunshine State Award's Food/Beverage Writing category. While the winners won't officially be announced until June 5, Sayet and New Times were the only ones nominated in the category, making her the winner by default (that doesn't mean other entries weren't submitted, it just means other entries didn't qualify).

Just to refresh your memory, you can read Sayet's award-winning piece, "Bogus Beef," here.

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