Never Invite Grandma for Take-Out: A List of Five No-No's

Never Invite Grandma for Take-Out: A List of Five No-No's

We all have our go-to people when it comes to eating out, whether it's a close sibling or a friend.

But then there are the more personal encounters when you sit on your couch, watch the game (or a Say Yes to the Dress marathon) and eat from a Styrofoam container.

There are five people who should never cross the threshold into your house under those circumstances. Take it as five friendly warnings to avoid disaster.

Never Invite Grandma for Take-Out: A List of Five No-No's

5. Your Stepsister
Listen, ladies, it's really nice and all that you're trying to make it work with that stepsister you never got along with. Honestly, you've known each other since you were teenagers, and you're in your mid-20s now -- do you really think something will chang? You secretly hate each other and always will -- get over it. You don't want your evil, snarky, and undoubtedly snooty stepsister in your home breaking bread with you. Worse, you went out of your way to pick out a nice array of take-out options. You have sushi, pizza, and sliders on the table. You know what she'll do? Judge... and wait for you to slip and reveal something about your past so she has leverage on you. Just steer clear. It will get ugly.

4. Your Brother-in-Law
All right, guys, this should be man code: Unless you're BFFs with your brother-in-law (which, chances are, you're not), don't invite him over for a "guys night in." Your new wife and his sister will come up in conversation, and men being men, hurtful words will surface. You think he needs to give you a chance; he thinks you need to lay off his sister -- but the elephant in the room remains that the Chinese take-out is getting cold because you're too busy arguing with each other and playing it off like you're mad at the game on TV. The possibilities of conversations-gone-bad are endless in this scenario. Stick to your best bud from college, not your bro-in-law. Leave him to family events and barbecues and call it a day. Plus it's a waste of good egg rolls.

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