Miami's Five Most Outrageous Burgers

Plantain buns.
Plantain buns.
Carina Ost

When it comes to meat stuffed between buns, Miami has it all.

In the past, we've shared our picks for the city's top ten burgers. We even found the most expensive one -- it's $65. But now, it's time to think beyond the bun.

Grab some napkins: What follows are the five most outrageous burgers in Miami.

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The mighty monte cristo.
The mighty monte cristo.
Umami Burger

5. Monte Cristo Burger at Umami Burger

Unveiled earlier this week, this burger is the latest collaborative creation by Umami Burger. The mad man behind the Monte Cristo ($15) is former Top Chef winner, Michael Voltaggio. This fancy brunch/dessert beef burger features gruyere fondue and prosciutto inside a custard-soaked fried bun. And yes, there's a side of maple syrup. If your heart survives this indulgence, then you should feel a little warmer knowing $1 goes to the Los Angeles Mission. It's available for a limited time, around two months, so get those arteries clogging!

Burger Beast

4. Godfather at Mr. Good Stuff

In search of a food truck that will make you a burger you can't refuse? Track down Mr. Good Stuff. They've got the goods. The Godfather ($9) is a real Don -- with mozzarella and basil stuffed in a beef-and-Italian sausage patty topped with more cheese and tomatoes. We are suckers for stuffed patties, and this one is the head of the burger family.


The edible Corben.
The edible Corben.
Laine Doss

3. Corben at Blue Collar

If you're looking for something special, you must sink your teeth into Blue Collar's Corben ($18). Portuguese muffins are stuffed with brisket and served with au jus, latkes, and apple sauce. We don't even know what to call it: the Jewish version of burgers and fries, but with Brazilian and French flair? Regardless, we love it. If you want more info, we've got the backstory.

Plantain buns.
Plantain buns.
Carina Ost

2. Toston Burger at Pincho Factory

Pincho Factory is the king of insane food creations. Just check out their "Pinchogram," and you'll think they are culinary Frankensteins. Specials may include pastelito or croquetta burgers, but their standby is the toston burger ($7.99). A well-seasoned patty is topped with jack cheese and homemade cilantro sauce then placed between fried plantains. Don't ask any questions. It works.

Take that, McRib.
Take that, McRib.
Swine via Facebook

1. Rib Sandwich at Swine Southern Table and Bar

Swine Southern Table & Bar serves a great traditional burger, but they've also got something outrageous. For crossing the mythical McRib with a western burger in a magical way, this rib sandwich tops our list. Many have tried to make boneless ribs work in a sandwich -- even by sculpting bones (ahem, McDonald's) -- but Swine gets it right. Their rib sandwich ($19) showcases smoked boneless ribs with Carolina barbecue sauce, onion rings, and pickles. It's a monster of a sandwich, but that's what makes it so delicious.

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