Miami's Five Best Vegetable Dishes

Miami's Five Best Vegetable Dishes
Courtesy of KYU

Lush palms, sandy coastlines, and blooming orange blossoms make spring in Miami worthwhile (and the looming summer heat less daunting). If you're a die-hard foodie, cherish the season with vibrant plant- and vegetable-infused plates from a bevy of the area's best restaurants.

These five dishes blend brightly colored ingredients like avocado and heirloom tomatoes, along with blackberries, raspberries, and mango, to create plates that look more like works of art than your next meal. The good news is they're wholly edible and will most likely initiate a party-in-your-mouth feeling with a mix of tangy, vivid flavors and sweet and savory textures. 

Nosh on a colorful harissa carrot salad at Sugarcane.EXPAND
Nosh on a colorful harissa carrot salad at Sugarcane.
Courtesy of Sugarcane

5. Harissa Carrot Salad at Sugarcane Raw Bar Grill
Executive chef Timon Balloo's salad looks too good to eat, but know that it's worth every crunchy bite (don't forget to Instagram it beforehand). His harissa and carrot salad blend ($12) fuses golden raisins and a curry yogurt with pinches of the chili pepper and paprika paste. Though small, the dish is packed with rich flavors sure to overwhelm your taste buds with a medley of aromas and textures.

4. Avocado Toast at Zak the Baker
Wynwood favorite Zak the Baker is known for its variety of toast plates. There's Nutella, veg creme cheese, gravlax, and, the most popular, avocado ($7). Think of the plate as a real-life garden smeared across a thick slice of feathery toast that was baked just hours earlier. Two scoops of crushed avocado are topped with chunky pieces of tomato, pinches of cilantro, and some sprouts. The colorful ingredients add a light and airy feel to the avocado's rich texture, creating the quintessential springtime dish. Pro tip: Keep a knife and a fork nearby because the veggies are known to get a little messy. 

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