Miami's Five Best Stoner Foods

Toston burger
Toston burger
Courtesy of Pincho Factory

It's a good time to be a stoner in the USA. Each election cycle, an increasing number of states are getting more liberal with marijuana laws. One day soon, we may all be able to proudly walk to the beach or the park while holding a joint or vape.

Until then, silly laws can't stop Miamians from indulging in a little harmless weed in the privacy of our own homes. After all, the greatest danger of lighting up with friends is being high and hungry!

What you need during these desperate times is a greasy, delicious meal to sate your cravings. In this arena, Miami restaurants don’t disappoint. Consider your munchies handled!

Hawaiian Pizza
Hawaiian Pizza

5. Hawaiian pizza at Casola’s
Would it really be a stoner-foods list if pizza weren't included? Pizza is a staple munchies food, and Casola’s elevates the concept. Though you can’t go wrong with any of the flavors, the Hawaiian ($5.79 for a slice) is a favorite given the salty-sweet flavor combination of pineapple and ham atop cheesy goodness.

Toston burger
Toston burger
Courtesy of Pincho Factory

4. Toston burger at Pincho Factory
Pincho Factory’s toston burger ($8.49) is a thing of beauty. The perfect blend of an American classic and a Cuban favorite, this burger is everything when you’re stoned. The concoction contains two beautiful tostones as buns for a patty topped with jack cheese, caramelized onions, potato sticks, and cilantro sauce.

Everything quesadilla
Everything quesadilla
Courtesy of Los Verdes

3. Everything quesadilla at Los Verdes
One of the most popular items at Los Verdes, the everything quesadilla ($8.99) really seems like it has everything. It’s stuffed with steak, chicken, and bacon and features not one, but three sauces: pineapple, green, and pink. It's cheesy, gooey, and delicious, especially if you’re experiencing the stage of munchies when only carbs can save you.

Southern fried chicken and waffle meltEXPAND
Southern fried chicken and waffle melt
Photo by Cindy Ferreiro

2. Ms. Cheezious' Southern fried chicken and waffle melt
Thanks to food-truck-turned-restaurant Ms. Cheezious, stoners near and far can enjoy the glory that is the Southern fried chicken and waffle melt ($10). Basically, it’s a buttermilk-fried chicken breast sandwiched between two waffles with American cheese. What really sets this melt apart is the country gravy and syrup for dipping. It’s the perfect flavor profile of salty and sweet, coupled with the joy of being able to enjoy a breakfast favorite for dinner.

My Childhood Dream burger
My Childhood Dream burger
Courtesy of Lokal

1. My Childhood Dream at Lokal
My Childhood Dream ($12) is a doughnut burger thought up by Lokal’s owner when he was a kid working at his dad’s doughnut shop. The creation features a sliced doughnut for a bun topped with a seven-ounce beef patty, American cheese, and candied bacon. It really should be called My Stoner Dream.

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