Miami's Five Best Kosher Restaurants

Head to 41st Street (Arthur Godfrey Road) in Miami Beach and you'll experience a "no longer in Miami" feeling. Baseball hats are replaced by yarmulkes; booty shorts are eschewed for conservative skirts. Tons of stores display the "KM," or Kosher Miami sticker, and while many people sling the word around, at Short Order, we wanted to know: What exactly does "kosher" mean?

According to a leading kosher certification organization, kashrus means "suitable and/or pure, thus ensuring fitness for consumption." Under this designation, pure foods include most poultry, fish, and meats -- minus pork. Animals must be killed humanely, quickly, and under the watch of a kosher supervisor. Dairy is cool, but it's got to come from kosher meat.

With that in mind, we sought the five best kosher restaurants in Miami. Check out what we turned up.

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5. Lenny's Pizza

This pizza joint on 41st Street is unassuming and informal, but it has some pretty pies. If you're looking for fast, cheap, and good kosher food, this is a great option. For lunch, you can get two slices of pizza and a soda for $5.50. Not a bad way to save some gelt!

The St. Tropez kosher dog
The St. Tropez kosher dog
House of Dog via facebook

4. House of Dog

This little-known spot has some kooky dogs, including the Dracula, the Tinkerbell, and the St. Tropez ($8), to name just a few. We went with the last. This frank is topped with peaches, chimichurri, and homemade sweet chili sauce. Not sure what it has to do with the French Riviera, but it's fun and tasty.

3. The Harbour Grill

For those looking for an upscale kosher dining experience, look no further than the Harbour Grill in Bal Harbour. We put our fancy shoes on and tried the veal chop ($42). Tender, perfectly grilled, and paired with a nice chimichurri sauce, this dish is worth your hard-earned money.

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