Miami's Best Baguettes: Le Royal, Buena Vista Deli, and More

Mmm, baguette.
Mmm, baguette.
La Provence

In France, stopping at the boulangerie for a baguette is like hitting up your neighborhood Cuban café for a colada. It's a daily event.

The word baguette comes from the Latin word baculum, or "stick," and relates to the bread's long, narrow shape. Simple yet complex in taste, this traditional bread is not easy to make.

Though Miami is far from the streets of Paris, the Magic City actually has some tasty offerings. We've put together a list of the five best baguettes in town.

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5. La Provence

Yes, La Provence is a chain, but that doesn't mean its bread isn't worthy of some love. Choose from the classic "rustique" (sourdough), whole wheat, or multigrain ($2.25). Dusted with a generous layer of flour, the bread here is sans preservatives, baked fresh daily (in Miami, but not in-house), and uses levain as a natural yeast. We like cutting the sourdough version into thick slices, toasting them, and adding Brie for a savory appetizer or snack.

So much bread, so little time.
So much bread, so little time.
Buena Vista Delia via Facebook

4. Buena Vista Deli

On display above the counter, the baguettes at this deli/café/bakery are longer and wider than most and are by far the most attractive -- check out those beautiful indentations! The crust has a nice crackle, and the loaf doesn't lose its shape when squeezed. Made in-house, these are best eaten the day (or moment) they're bought. You can also get a fresh toasted baguette with butter and jelly off the menu ($2.50).

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