Miam Cafe Opening in Wynwood

Miam Cafe to open in Wynwood Building
Miam Cafe to open in Wynwood Building
Courtesy Miam Cafe

Here's a little riddle for you: What's black and white and fed all over?

The people who work inside the zebra-striped Wynwood Building when Miam Cafe & Boutique opens at the iconic gallery/work space.

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Interior space.
Interior space.
Courtesy Miam Cafe

That's not a typo, by the way. The bistro is named Miam (not Miami), after the French mjam, which simply translates to "yum".

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The cafe, which is scheduled to open in April 2014, will serve breakfast, healthy lunches, and afternoon tapas made fresh daily, with an emphasis on organic ingredients. The boutique, by the way, is more food than fashion, offering wines, honey, gourmet oils, and other products made in the United States.

Miam owner Alexis Jacot is a graduate of the Ecole Hôtelière de Lausanne, a Swiss hospitality school that's been training professionals since 1893.

We're looking forward to a restaurant that prides itself in good, prompt European service. The space is designed by Lang & Schwander, so expect clean lines with pops of color.

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