Mark Zuckerberg Eats McDonald's, Tips Nothing on His Honeymoon

Mark Zuckerberg's Roman lunch -- sans tip.
Mark Zuckerberg's Roman lunch -- sans tip.

Like many lovebirds throughout the ages, Mark Zuckerberg and his new bride Priscilla Chan are celebrating their honeymoon in the eternal city of Rome.

Ahhh, Rome. What we could do in Rome if we were young billionaires. Just think of all the amazing restaurants we could eat at....Harry's Bar, Il Paliaccio, La Pergola, McDonald's.....

Wait! McDonald's? According to the New York Post, Zukerberg were seen eating McDonald's on the Mignanelli Steps near Piazza Spagna.

Apparently someone told the wealthy couple that when in Rome, do as the

Romans do -- eat pasta.

So the couple had lunch at Kosher trattoria

Nonna Betta where, according to, they dined on fried artichokes, sea bass and tomato ravioli, running up a 32 Euro tab -- and leaving no tip!


are tweeting furiously about the Zuckerberg sightings, with reports of

the couple taking in the Sistine Chapel and eating oysters, prawns, and

fish carpaccio at Pierluigi's restaurant.

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