Our turn!
Our turn!

Mark Militello: "The Best Thing I Ever Ate"

Mark Militello, chef/owner Mark's and executive chef Regent Bal Harbor culinary operations, including 1 Bleu restaurant

Best pizza was in Eluthera playing pool with the family. We ordered a conch pie and the kids thought it sounded disgusting. It was so good we went back the next day for a second. Totally not a pizzas pizza. Best sweet was wandering them narrow streets of Seville in the early morning and having a whipped cream ice cream for breakfast. I keep dreaming about it and have not found any thing close. Probably the best three fish dishes were in St. Bart's. A simple grilled snapper and a fresh Caribbean lobster cooked and basted over hardwood with fresh herbs. They also served a raw tuna that was finished with fresh shaved coconut and scotch bonnet oil. I promise you that it had nothing to do with the topless girls poolside.


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