Make A Shake To Open in SoBe Tonight: A Mooooving Sign Intrigues Us


​"Moooving" along Alton Road, we spotted this upside down cow. Intrigued, we walked over for a closer inspection.

What's behind it? U.K. sensation Make A Shake is debuting its very first American store today on Alton and Lincoln in South Beach, with a planned 7 p.m. opening.

According to co-owner Ben Way, Make A Shake sells milkshakes and candy. Using a special fat-free yogurt base, customers can choose from 103 flavors and 240 different candies to make a custom shake in virtually any variety (no word yet if a Brussels sprouts flavor is available).

"You can have, say, a Snickers and jelly bean shake or a fat-free strawberrry shake. Basically we run the gamut from healthy to very naughty," Way said.

We're looking forward to a Swedish Fish/chocolate maltball shake -- what's your flavor?

Looking for a few good people...and cows.
Looking for a few good people...and cows.

Make a Shake is apparently also hiring, so if you have crazy mad customer service skills (or can produce milk) this may be a good opportunity.

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