Two-time "Best of Miami" winner for microbrewed beer.
Two-time "Best of Miami" winner for microbrewed beer.

Lose That Sinking Feeling at Titanic Brewery Happy Hour

Place: Titanic Restaurant & Brewery
5813 Ponce de Leon Blvd., Coral Gables

Hours: Daily 4 to 8 p.m.

Deals: Discounts on all house brews.

Scene: Located less than a block from the University of Miami campus, Titanic Brewery and Restaurant would seem like a student stronghold with the accompanying mayhem and debauchery. Right? Actually, not really. Management says only about 30 percent of Titanic's patrons come from the U. That's likely a result of the quality quaffs brewed on premises in copper-colored vats behind the bar. After all, your average PBR-loving underclassmen haven't developed the beer palate to appreciate what goes on aboard the Titanic.

The microbrewery delivers some of the best ales, stouts, and bitters in town, with a dozen or so house beers always on tap. Those who can appreciate what they're drinking go for White Star India Pale Ale -- the Yank version of the English classic -- or the Triple Screw Light Ale -- a rich man's version of a light beer that goes for $2 Monday and Wednesday.

The chef is Mississippi born, which explains some of the better food offerings: shrimp and grits, jambalaya, and sriracha wings (Vietnamese style). Tuesday nights bring $6 burgers, and we know how well a good burger goes with beer.

Conclusion: Despite its location and name, Titanic Restaurant & Brewery is not a crazed UM student hangout with normal folk abandoning ship. It boasts a relaxed vibe and has become one of the few spots in the county where beer connoisseurs can enjoy locally made brews.


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