Krispy Kreme Coming to a George Foreman Grill Near You

Fried doughnuts are an overindulgence that has become an American breakfast staple. This airy piece of dough with a hole in the center is about as close to a healthful breakfast as a beer.

But what if you have it as a dessert after a beer? A friend recently introduced me to the "pressed doughnut." This hot and crisp sweet treat is well worth the extra effort.

I head to Krispy Kreme to get fresh doughnuts. The place is full of fried delights (18 varieties to be exact), and its ovens are on 24/7.
I wait for the "Hot" light, because this tells you the sugar-glazed ones are fresh out of the oven. I buy a half-dozen and rush home with my calorie bomb.

Then comes a test -- before anyone comes

over. The doughnut goes on the panini press, and it sizzles as

the glaze melts. When the cover is lifted, there's a perfectly

flat, hot, and crunchy piece of fried dough with grill marks. It is only

later, when I put the beer on ice for our party, when I realize I

have some sugar glaze still on my lips.

Krispy Kreme
590 NE 167th St., North Miami Beach



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