Just Like Grandma Would Make: An Heirloom Czech Spaetzel Recipe is Illuminated

Easy as one, two, three: Czech spaetzel
Easy as one, two, three: Czech spaetzel
Jackie Sayet

Recipes passed down from generation to generation are special.  That they stand the test of time is reason alone to love them -- a generous helping of the past on a plate or in a casserole dish. 

Newly born dishes, shaped by chefs forging brave trails in restaurant kitchens, are important too.  Perhaps sometimes inspired by the past.  But these... Well, they've earned their keep.

In a community like ours, with a root system cupping the globe, there lies a treasure trove of such gems, recreated day and night in homes across the Magic City. Here's one I recently uncovered for spaetzel, a free form noodle dish from Czechoslovakia, on my Kitchen Interviews blog.

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