Joe Schmo's Least Favorite Turkey Day Dishes

[No] mincemeat pie 'til I die
[No] mincemeat pie 'til I die
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You made it! You've likely been slaving in the kitchen since last night, up early this morning to put the bird in the oven. Taking a short break to catch your breath? Nice! Just a few more hours and you can relax, stuff your face and take the best nap of your life. Ah, Thanksgiving time.

We recently went out for a little Short Order field work. Anyone and everyone we came across throughout Miami-Dade was asked to share just one thing: What is your least favorite Thanksgiving dish?

The results proved to be, well, traditional considering Thanksgiving menu staples, but Joe Schmo's reasonings are what took the cake.

Note: some responses were omitted to avoid doubles.

Candied yams - "My mom puts too much orange juice and not enough sugar."

Stuffing with innards - "I already have organs... I don't need anymore inside if me."

Mashed potatoes - "Ever since I was a kid, the mushy consistency grossed me out."

Cranberry sauce - "Sweet ain't supposed to go with meat!"

Mincemeat pie - "Tastes like cat food."

Pumpkin pie - "The thought of sweet squash makes me gag."

Creamed corn - [all she could say was] "Yuck!"

Salad - "It's a waste of stomach space for all the other awesomeness on the table."

Canned greenbean casserole - "It's visually unappealing, so I wouldn't want it in my mouth."

Pecan pie - "My mom always used to put too much Bourbon and not cook it all the way through. She'd be wasted by her second bite."

Brussels sprouts - "I hated the bitter taste as a kid."

Stuffing - "It's weird to put random $#@! in moist breadcrumbs."

Vegan gravy - "Run for your life!"

It seems the only traditional dish that didn't make it on the list of shame was turkey -- does that mean everyone likes it? Perhaps today will determine if it'll be on your oh-no list for next year.

Comment your least favorite picks!

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