Jack's Munchie Mobile
Jack's Munchie Mobile
Jack in the Box

Jack in the Box Launches Food Truck

Jack in the Box has just rolled out a 34-foot-long food truck. The Jack in the Box Munchie Mobile cruised the streets of San Diego last Friday and will travel throughout Southern California in the next few months.

The truck is wrapped in a '70s-style mural depicting an airbrushed "Jack" mascot as a gladiator in a chariot pulled by a tiger and a polar bear. There's also an eagle and a giant moon -- all of which makes one think immediately of eating a burger (not).

The Munchie Mobile comes equipped with a self-serve soda fountain and flat-screen TV display. The truck will visit various sites, including sporting events and concerts, and will serve a limited menu of burgers, tacos, and fries.

Any bets on which major chain jumps on the food truck bandwagon next?

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