Is This a Big Steamin' Bowl of Miami Horse Meat?

A new Florida law makes it an offense punishable by one year in prison to traffic in horse meat. That, and several arrests and the destruction of a whole freakin' horse-killing neighborhood have made it extremely difficult to buy horse meat in Miami-Dade County-- as undercover cops will complain.

But there was a time-- oh, last year-- when dudes were still driving around with the illicit flesh in coolers in the back of their pick-ups, offering it for sale; and you could take a bite out of what you thought was beef and find out you just ate a cowboy's BFF.

The creator of the following video claims that that's a full bowl of unwittingly-eaten horse meat served in Miami-- accompanied by yucca, rice and beans, and a Coke, of course. It certainly looks a bit... mysterious, but we're withholding judgment.

What do you think? Have you ever eaten horse meat? How'd it taste? And did you have trouble watching Seabiscuit afterward?


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