Humane Nachos For A Kinder Super Bowl

Cat or cow, it's all the same: Animal cruelty needs to be stopped.
Cat or cow, it's all the same: Animal cruelty needs to be stopped.
Lee Klein

The World Society for the Protection of Animals (WSPA) is providing Super Bowl fans some tools to help choose food products that are better for animals. The message is that your favorite snacks and recipes are fine -- only the brands need to change.

Sharanya Prasad, U.S. Programs Manager for WSPA, says, "When choosing beef for your nacho recipe, chicken wings to soak in hot sauce, or sour cream to mix up your favorite dip, simply purchase certified organic or humane products that are safer for animals, the environment and your own health. These items are easy to find at most stores, and WSPA has an easily searchable online database where you can look up your local grocery store and find out which humane products they stock."

Factory-raised animals in this country are being horribly tortured and abused every day. That's a fact. The idea here is that the only way to stop this cruelty is by being a bit more conscientious when shopping. It's easy enough, and will no doubt bring winning karma to the team you are rooting for. Especially if you're rooting for the Saints.

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