How To Fillet a 125-Pound Yellowfin Tuna, Cuban Style (Video)

Cutting Fish at Trigger Seafood
Cutting Fish at Trigger Seafood

The yellowfin tuna is a remarkable fish. Also known as "ahi," and often served raw in sashimi, yellow fin are found in tropical and subtropical waters around the world, can weigh over 300 pounds, and have been recorded diving 3,000 feet deep.

Trigger Seafood, headquartered at a warehouse in Doral, are one of Miami's premier secret chef spots for sourcing the highest quality local catch. You can find their supply of premium spear and line caught wild fish at Michael's Genuine and My Ceviche.

We took a trip west of the Palmetto Expressway to see how they do what they do. Here's one of their expert butchers filleting a whopping 125 pound yellowfin tuna.

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