Haven's Summer Menu: Shrimp and Grits Ceviche, Crab Spider Roll, and Squid Fries

Chef Todd Erickson has created a new summer menu for Haven Gastro-Lounge, and it has some mighty luscious-sounding items. No surprise: Erickson has been one of Miami's most innovative chefs since opening Haven in May of 2011.

Among the sprightly summer additions is a shrimp & grits ceviche, in which tiger shrimp are tossed with the hominy corn, grilled sweet corn, onion, lime juice and chiles; and Seoul ceviche with yellowtail, shaved Napa cabbage, pine nuts, Asian pear, chives, basil and kimchee vinaigrette.

Other tempting dishes to debut are a beer-battered mahi po-boy slider, beef tataki, a shoft shell crab spider roll, and squid fries crusted with graham-cracker and served with guava-chili sauce. A haloumi cheese skewer with tomato bisque sauce is new too, as are all three salads: watermelon with cucumber, feta, mint, onion, and preserved lemon; gazpacho in salad form; and a ranch salad with charred tomato, pickled okra, chow chow, chevre and chicharon.

Of course Erickson's cuisine is only part of the draw here; Haven's dazzling high-tech decor provides a feast for the eyes as well. As soon as you enter Haven you'll know you're not in Kansas anymore; after knocking down a few nitro cocktails, you might think you're on the moon.


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